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Welcome to Care Services

Through the Chapter’s Arthur and Lea Powell Patient Services Program, a distinguished team of social workers, nurses, and affiliated health care professionals offer help for people with ALS every step of the way—from access to medical equipment and devices that improve accessibility around the home, to assistance in the home by a professional caregiver, and resource groups.


How We Can Help You and/or Your Loved One


You Need: Expert, comprehensive care for ALS

We Offer: ALS Association Supported Clinics and Centers of Excellence

You Need: Professional caregiving in the home if you cannot afford to pay for it privately

We Offer: The Howard I. Abrams In-Home Care/Respite Program

You Need: Critical medical equipment that is too costly for your budget or delayed until approved by your health insurance provider

We Offer: The Marjorie Shimer Medical Equipment Loan Program

You Need: Devices, such as ramps or stair glides, that can make it easier to navigate throughout the home

We Offer: The Chapter Accessibility Program

You Need: Assistive technology and guidance to help you more easily communicate

We Offer: The Scott A. Mackler, MD, PhD, Assistive Technology Program

You Need: Transportation that can accommodate a power wheelchair to and from medical appointments and Chapter events

We Offer: The Mike Kilpatric ALS Transportation Program


You Need: Patient and caregiver education and support

We Offer:

Resource Groups including a Bereavement Support Group for those who have lost a loved one to ALS

Online Resource Library

Coping with ALS - Possible Tools to Help

Nancy's House Caregiver Retreat

You Need: Continuing education for health professionals

We Offer:

Clinical Conference

Online Continuing Education

SLP Webinar Series

Professional Topic Webinars

Practice Parameter

Guide to ALS Care for Primary Care Physicians

Nursing Management in ALS

Multi-disciplinary ALS Centers and Clinics


You Need: Information on FDA-approved treatment options for ALS

We Offer:

Information on Relyvrio (AMX0035)

Information on Radicava including video testimonials

Information on Riluzole/Tiglutik

Information on Nuedexta 


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