Keep pounding

Hey everyone,
I hope you and your families are staying safe during these unfortunate times. During these times I know it is easy to choose to be lazy, but I decided to help make a positive change in all our lives. So I decided to make this fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money for ALS but to also motivate people to live their best lives. This fundraiser began as a challenge that I proposed to myself, for every mile I ran in a 30 day period, my dad would give me $10 dollars to donate. So whether you run a mile, half a mile, do 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, 10 curls or 10 dog walks (an exercise my dad loves to make me do), you can help make a change. And no dollar amount is too small, you can donate a cent for every push, a thousand for every pushup(the exercise isn't the real flex with this one) or anything in between. You can challenge yourself to do a single day challenge or a daily challenge for a whole month. So donations don't need to occur every time you work to improve yourself. The money we raise will go towards a mission that we can all get behind - a world without ALS.
I also wanted to dedicate this event to my aunt Cari. A woman who stood as a role model for me growing up.  She was a woman who always put 120% into whatever she was doing, and if I strive to have the drive she had, I know the world is mine. I also do this in honor of her beautiful daughter Camille and my grandfather Tom who died of a non ALS related illness.
The title of my fundraiser comes from a bracelet I wear in honor of Tom, but all others we have lost. This quote is from former Panthers player Sam Mills and it explains the phrase:
"When I found out I had cancer, there were two things could do: quit or keep pounding," Mills said. "I'm a fighter. I kept pounding. You're fighters, too. Keep pounding!"
 I will leave the link to more about it right here: 
Now remember never give up and become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. #keeppounding 
Julian Fernandez
Some extra stuff: 
There is currently NO cure, and that is just unacceptable for a disease with a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

Funds raised will go towards:
  • Continuing the 150+ research projects looking into the causes of ALS in hopes of developing better treatments
  • Supporting patient services clinics, support groups, equipment lending, and transportation
  • Leading the way in helping to ensure the ALS community has proper access to care


We need to do everything we can to find a treatment and a cure. Together, let's make a difference - one dollar at a time!

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