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November Volunteer of the Month

Anne Pass


Anne Pass helping to make our Annual Dinner a big success! 


Anne Pass, a dedicated, smart and talented woman, is known for several accolades – her storied 35-year teaching career where she passionately instructed hundreds of fortunate students, her stunning intricately woven hand-knit clothing creations, and her over-the-top apple cake. But now she is known for something especially intrinsically valuable - her dedication to the ALS cause.


“I can sit at home and knit all day, but I’d rather be out with people. And it’s the people at the Chapter who keep me coming back to The ALS Association office in Ambler, PA, often several times a week.  Every time I volunteer; I see what it means to the ALS families the Chapter helps. I want to be a part of that.”


And volunteer she does! Whenever and wherever there is a need, Anne is ready to jump in saying, “I’ll do anything!” From stuffing envelopes, to assembling lanyards for a Walk to Defeat ALS, to organizing T-shirts, Anne is a “YES” person, brimming with positivity. She was able to put her creative skills to the test during our Caregivers Day when she methodically arranged beads and assisted caregivers in making beautiful jewelry.  At the 2018 Annual Dinner, Anne was a greeter, receiving guests as they entered. Her friendly and kind mannerism is so welcoming.   


Anne has no direct ALS connection – she and Joan Borowsky, an ALS staffer, met at religious services, formed a bond and when Anne said that she was looking for another outlet after her retirement from teaching, Joan had lots of great ideas and Anne began to take on more and more responsibilities at the Chapter. No task is too small, or too difficult for Anne. “When I was a teacher, I was so grateful to our volunteers who were willing to take on whatever jobs I just didn’t have the time to handle. I know how important those tasks are and I am happy to fulfill that need.”


Given her impressive background, Anne can help in so many capacities. But she wants to take on whatever is most pressing at that moment. Today we find her wrapping candy bars for the Chapter’s November 7th Annual Dinner. Tomorrow she may be packing 500 gift bags. Whatever it takes.


Anne, who is originally from Connecticut, left her home state to attend Drexel University.  “I was always a leader. At Drexel, I worked in the Dean of the Home Economics office, scheduling and greeting guests. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in educational Administration and a Principals’ certification from St. Joseph’s University. “I have always done what I do because I like it – not because anyone tells me I do it well,” says Anne. 


During her teaching career, Anne was an active member of PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association), serving on the state Leadership Development Committee, and Vice President of the Lower Merion Education Association.  Today, in addition to her extensive volunteering at the chapter, Anne is a docent at the Woodmere Art Museum, Treasurer of the PSEA/Montgomery County Retired Teachers AND oversees a 200-acre property while serving on the Board of her Homeowners Association. Phew!  And she wanted to do MORE???


Clearly, Anne Pass doesn’t want to just sit at home knitting.  She spends her time giving back. She could have helped anywhere. We are so fortunate that Anne found a niche here. On behalf of the 1,200 ALS families we serve each year, thank you, Anne, for giving so unselfishly to the ALS community.