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January Volunteer of the Month

Anthony Savercool


Anthony Savercool has been a wonderful support for Paul and Eileen Miller


“He is unbelievable! He so deserves this honor!” Eileen Miller enthusiastically proclaims when she learns that her husband Paul’s Visiting Volunteer, Anthony Savercool, is the Chapter’s January Volunteer of the Month.  “He arrives and asks, ‘What do you need?’ He does anything and everything…including setting up and cleaning up for a fundraiser we recently held. Anthony is the consummate volunteer who gives so unselfishly. We are so thankful that our Chapter Social Worker, Mary Beth Tomczak, recommended him to us! He is an amazing soul.” 


Paul echoes his wife’s words. Anthony’s visits to the Miller’s Scranton home mean so much to the family. ALS can be an isolating disease in that often, you simply cannot easily leave your home; friends and family must visit you. Despite a very busy schedule, Anthony makes time to visit the Miller family as often as possible. Paul, who has been living with ALS for seven years and is extremely active in the Chapter’s advocacy and fundraising efforts, is so appreciative of the Chapter’s Visiting Volunteer Program. Anthony is up for any task. From odd jobs, to taking Paul out for a drive, Anthony’s compassionate, caring demeanor is extraordinarily inspiring.


Anthony Savercool is no stranger to ALS. His grandmother, or Nonni Rosie, lost her life to ALS in 1999, when he was only nine years old. “I saw Nonni’s digression throughout her illness and since that time, always in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to help people because I witnessed that pain at an early age,” says Anthony. Moving to Scranton to obtain an MS in Mental Health Counseling the University of Scranton Graduate School last April gave him that opportunity.



While that quote may be attributed to Benjamin Franklin, it epitomizes Anthony Savercool. Between working as a Crisis Worker for Children’s Service Center of Wyoming Valley, working as a Graduate Assistant for the Jane Kopas Women’s Center at the University of Scranton, and taking as many credits as the program permits, it was a crazy fall for him. However, the moment after he finished his last final of the semester, he immediately visited the Millers.


Anthony’s goal is to open a private practice in the Lehigh Valley area, which will make use of modern holistic wellness techniques and integrative theoretical orientations. His current research and professional interests include the legalization of euthanasia, end-of-life counseling, the legalization of psychedelic medication for the treatment of PTSD, depression, and terminal diseases, the development of new cognitive-behavioral techniques, and neurocounseling (the counseling field’s newest area). His experience as a Visiting Volunteer surely plays a role in the empathy and understanding he brings to his profession.


When he isn’t studying or volunteering, Anthony’s hobbies include sports (soccer is his favorite by a long shot), biking, playing guitar, cooking, and learning anything new and interesting whenever possible! 


“I would say that we all need help sometimes,” remarks Anthony. “I am lucky enough to be healthy. I feel it is my responsibility to help others and one way is by getting involved in the Visiting Volunteer Program. I’m with Paul for the long-run.” Paul and Eileen Miller concur, “Any time Anthony can give, he does. Even when we are finished with a job, he says, ‘I want to give more…’” Thank you, Anthony, for your enduring commitment to helping the Millers.

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Anthony with his beloved Grandmother

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Anthony loves his family photo with his Grandmother

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Anthony's Grandmother gave him so much love.