ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


Our Impact

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter fights ALS on three fronts: research, care, and advocacy.


The Greater Philadelphia Chapter continually supports global research that has resulted in some of the greatest discoveries to date, including the revelation of new genes that contribute to ALS, development of drugs that aim to slow or stop the progression of this devastating disease, and key advancements in wearable sensor and brain computer interface technology.

Care Services

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter helps patients and their families face the rigors of ALS with strength and confidence through a full range of services that not only provide essential support, but also help to ease what sometimes can become an unmanageable financial burden.

Our services include coverage of home visits by professional caregivers, as well as provision of necessary medical equipment and assistive technology, devices that improve accessibility around the home, and transportation to medical appointments and Chapter events in vans outfitted to accommodate power wheelchairs. Additionally, patients and their families can take advantage of a wide variety of educational and recreational programs run by the Chapter.


Every year the Greater Philadelphia Chapter educates state and federal policymakers about issues important to people living with ALS. Some of the notable achievements our advocacy efforts have yielded include: appropriations of nearly $1 million in combined state funding for ALS care services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware; recognition of ALS as a service-connected disease; and elimination of the 24-month waiting period that people with ALS had to endure before receiving Medicare benefits.