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A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM AMY PHILLIPS on the 70th Birthday of her mom, Ellyn.

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My mom Ellyn, daughter Conwy, and I share a group hug.

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Ellyn Phillips, my mother, is the definition of a healthcare hero.


In 1982, when I was just 16 months old, my father, Alan Phillips, was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 34. My mom spent the next year and a half taking care of him while also raising me. As my dad’s condition worsened, she had to figure out how to feed, and dress, and bathe both her husband and her toddler daughter. As I learned how to walk and talk, he slowly lost the ability to move and speak. My mom had to learn how to push a stroller and a wheelchair simultaneously. Now that I am the mother of a toddler myself, I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been.


Click here to read the rest of Amy’s compelling letter in honor of her mom, Ellyn Phillips.

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Kelly Rose, who lost her beloved husband, Wes, to ALS and
Amy Phillips share their feelings about Ellyn.

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Kelly shares her story of the support she and her family received from Ellyn:

“Ellyn offered me true understanding and unconditional support.”

Click here
to read Kelly’s NOTE OF THANKS.


The Rose Family wishes this amazing woman a very Happy 70th Birthday!


Nate, Kelly, and Aidan

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